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Dinghy sailing and racing in Christchurch Harbour

A unique friendly club that brings together sociable and competitive sailing in a safe harbour location

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Meeting opened by Peter Reid at 19:10

Present: Peter Reid, Rowena Hope, Sue and Alec Batten, Adrian and Susan Hyde, Steve Hards, Karen Etheridge, Helen Birkhead, John Challener, Jane Toll, Martin Hiscock, Denise and Roy Smith, Rob and Rachel Will, Richard and Susan Phillips, Paul Snell.

Apologies:  Bernard Batchelor, Mike and Wendy Roach, Carol Nicholson, Jane Challener, Ted Marchant, John Smith, Anne Hooper.

Minutes of the last AGM – no comments.

Commodore’s Report & Sailing Secretary’s Report – Peter Reid

Peter willing to continue as Commodore but not as Sailing Secretary as well.

Last season was limited, we weren’t able to run open meetings as we wanted to but should be able to next year.  Racing with Highcliffe Sailing Club went well.  Mudeford Week was reasonably successful and we plan to do the same again next year, 3 weekdays and a 2 day weekend, probably able to do the fun races next year.  The Tera and Oppie Open meetings will be in May and June and Mudeford Week in August.  Peter will speak to Wade (HSC) and plan next.

Treasurer’s report – Denise SmithRichard Phillips queried that Insurance wasn’t listed for 2021, on checking it was found under Race Expenses, typo apologised for.Dabchick is not listed on the fixed assets, apparently it has never been listed.  Was picked up by John when auditing, needs looking at for next year.  Figures need to start showing depreciation.Jane Toll asked if there was anything to be pointed out on the figures.  Denise stated that we had a deficit for the last two years due to a slight decline in membership, rise in costs, discounted subs, maintenance costs, no sailing events or galley to generate income.  Jane Toll said that 2020 actually made a profit. Paul Snell pointed out that the accounts run from March to March, so 2020 was only up to March 2020 there a normal year.Martin Hiscock suggested taking out the effect of Covid so the figures didn’t look so bad.  Steve Hards said the deficit wasn’t only due to Covid and that all operations and businesses had been affected by it so it there was no point in trying to improve the figures.

Notices of Motion

Peter asked for suggestions to increase activities going forward.

Helen said we needed to think about including kayaks and paddle boards and rowing; also kids and training plus increase times the galley is open and socialising.  Could we combine with HSC and CSC for training?

Jane Toll added there is more scope for social sailing activities.  Have more social sailing activities.  Could we waiver youth and junior fees altogether?  Henistbury Head Centre training has gone but the sailing is still there at the moment.  They don’t know what is happening next year.  BCP own it but the buildings need a lot of work.  The various groups are still using it but the future is uncertain.

Steve- we have not had any children apply to join the club for some time.  The culture of the club is that families have to be involved with the kids.  We want people to join and stay with the club.

Rachel – do we have a record of what current members want or do?  How many get involved or sail? Could we do a survey?

John – we should push the social side more, the racing is dwindling whilst more informal sailing and social seems more popular. It seems to be the way to go.  It would be good to do a survey if someone is prepared to do it.

Jane Toll – the clubhouse and galley services become critical because if we can offer a hot drink and cake  at a price we will get people coming down.  So many paddle boards using the harbour, could they come over for coffee & cake, can boards come onto the bit of beach next to the clubhouse.  Should think about where paddle boarders can access the harbour. Do we have anywhere to put kayaks and boards?  The four spaces at Stride’s are “dinghy” spaces.  Not practicable to put a rack because Nic’s business is now entails putting boats in and out of the water for his paying customers every day. Tim Reid adamant that he doesn’t want them on the rack at Latchmoor spaces, no-one knows why. Peter will have another word with him.

Peter would still like to hold an Open Day and hopefully next year we will be to use the inside of the barge and the galley.

Membership – Steve Hards

The decline in membership has levelled off.  Not all the new members are into racing, some hire the club dinghies or just go for a family sail round the harbour.  There was more stability in numbers this year and the Covid restrictions started to ease up.  The membership has changed over the years to being mostly adults   We will also return to having a Paying-In Day at the beginning of January next year.  It helps bring the members together at a time when most are not sailing and makes it easier for some to pay.  All dinghy spaces were occupied last year.  The very favourable agreement we had with the council for the 5 dinghy spaces on Mudeford Quay has expired.  However, we paid it at the old price back in April so it will be due for renewal at BCP’s new price of nearly double on 1st April 2022 and would increase further every year.  Individuals could actually hire a space more cheaply direct from BCP so the committee had decided to end the agreement with  BCP.  The members with these spaces are free to lease a space direct from BCP but we are trying to accommodate them at Stanpit, Latchmoor or Stride’s.  Richard asked if a shortage of dinghy spaces would put off prospective new members?  It hasn’t yet but is always a possibility.  We are trying to interest new club members in hiring our club boats so wouldn’t need a space.

Proposal 1: Joining and Subscription Fees: It was proposed to put the membership fees back to pre-Covid levels with a very small increase to include race fees rather than charging them separately at the end of the year.  This will make the accounting easier.  This was unanimously accepted.  Hire of the club boats will remain at the same price but we will no longer have 2 free hires.  Rachel Will suggested that new members could get 2 free hires in their first year as an incentive and this was agreed.

Proposal 2:  Dinghy Space Fees:  We propose to put the dinghy park fees up from 170 a year to 175 a year to help mitigate the risk.  Rachel Will asked when they last went up.  It was thought about 3 years ago.  This proposal was then agreed by all present.

Election of Committee

Auditor:  John Challener – took over this role at the beginning of 2021 when Tim Calvert moved to the Isle of Wight.

Commodore/ViceCommodore: Peter Reid – currently acting Commodore and Sailing Secretary. Willing to stand for another year as Commodore but is unable to also cover Sailing Secretary due to other commitments  .Karen proposed Peter as Commodore and  Steve seconded him.

Sailing Secretary: position vacant

Rear Commodore: position vacant - Bernard Batchelor is standing down due to ill health

Secretary: Sue Batten – willing to stand another year

Treasurer: Denise Smith is standing down and was thanked for all her hard work over many years.  Susan Hyde was proposed and seconded to take on this role.

Membership: Steve Hards – willing to stand another year

Club Boats: William Lack – willing to stand another year

Jane Challener – willing to stand another year

Mike Goodman – willing to stand another year

Adrian Hyde – willing to stand another year

Social: Rowena Hope – willing to stand another year

Galley: Helen Birkhead – willing to stand another year

John Challener said Denise did an excellent job over the years and deserved a vote of thanks, everyone agreed. John Challener asked if anyone new would like to join the Committee.  We have had offers of two people who would like to join the committee.  Susan Hyde and Jane Toll were both prepared to join the committee and were proposed and seconded. Susan has agreed to take on the role of Treasurer and will get together with Denise for a hand-over.  Jane Toll said she would like to come to a few committee meetings before deciding where she could best help out.

All Committee members still standing were proposed and seconded by a show of hands.

Helen – the problem is getting more people to do the galley, especially if we want them to get their food hygiene certificate.  Could this be used as training for youngsters?

Rachel – are the Duke of Edinburgh awards are worth looking at or would this be a lot more work?

Adrian –,the biggest problem with training of youngsters is that we don’t have changing rooms or a toilet on the clubhouse.  We need to be more visible and have the clubhouse open.

Rachel suggested letting the Beach Hut Association on the spit know about Mudeford Week and ask them to advertise it to their members.  Also let them know about our open day.  Many thought this was a good idea.  We need to check if they are happy to put this to their members (the beach hut owners).  Rachel will ask.

No further proposals..

Any other Business


Richard Phillips proposed a vote of thank to the Committee.

Meeting closed at 2040.

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