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Dinghy sailing and racing in Christchurch Harbour

A unique friendly club that brings together sociable and competitive sailing in a safe harbour location

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(changes from 2018 in red, amended Feb 2019)


1. Racing will take place under the current International Racing Rules for Sailing (RRS) and these Sailing Instructions (SI).


2. Each competitor shall be a member of a competing Club.  Before starting a race, all competitors shall have signed on for the event and shall possess third party insurance to a minimum value of 1,000,000.

 3. The safety of the competitor’s boat and her entire management including insurance shall be the responsibility of the owner or person in charge, who must ensure that the boat and crew are properly prepared to face the conditions that may arise in the course of the competition.  Neither this SI, nor an inspection of the boat under the SI, reduces the absolute responsibility of the owner or person in charge for the crew, the boat and her management.  The race organisers shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, personal injury or death, however caused, as a result of their taking part in the race or races.  Moreover, every owner or person in charge warrants the suitability of the boat for the races.


4. Races will be for a single handicap fleet for monohull classes.

5. Competitors may sail with different boats or sails within the schedule of races and be included in their Club results. However, to count in the Individual results the same boat type must be used.  For example, a competitor using a Laser Radial for 2 races and a Laser Full Rig for 4 races would have the Radial results recorded separately, and would thus have to discard 2 DNE scores from their Full Rig results.  Boats that are sailed single handed in one race and crewed in another (such as the Mirror) will not be scored separately.

6. One-design boats may use replica sails.


7. All boats must carry a properly displayed sail number.  Competitors shall sign on at their own Clubs.  Completed signing on sheets are to be given to the race officer on the Committee Boat as soon as possible on the day.


8.  Competitors shall wear personal buoyancy when racing, which shall take the form of at least a waistcoat type buoyancy aid. 


9. Racing will take place over a series  between Christchurch, Highcliffe, Hengistbury Head and Mudeford Sailing Clubs, with primary organisation by Mudeford SC as part of their Sunday Harbour Series and the provision of prizes being the responsibility of
2019: Highcliffe SC
2020: Mudeford SC
2021: Christchurch SC and on a rotating basis thereafter.

10. All racing will take place in Christchurch Harbour using inflatable buoys in accordance with the course diagram below.  Races will be the responsibility of Mudeford Sailing Club and have been scheduled as follows:

  • Races 1 & 2, Sunday 15 September starting at 1030 (all start times TBC)
  • Races 3 & 4, Sunday 13 October starting at 1000
  • Races 5 & 6, Sunday 27 October, starting at 1000
  • Prizegiving at Christchurch Sailing Club on 2 November at 1900

11. The course “hand” will be displayed on a board on the Committee Boat.  Races will last 50 – 60 minutes and the second race will follow without a break


12. In the diagram below (not to scale) a single lap is shown of a Port Hand course, where all marks are to be passed to port and the finish is between the committee boat and mark 4.  The diagram is not to scale.  The course should be laid to allow for Club-standard sailors who are not necessarily accustomed to sailing on the sea.  3 or 4 laps of a smaller course are preferable to fewer laps of a large course. The race officer may set a triangular course if the limitations of the Harbour and wind direction dictate. A “triangle/sausage” course will not be set.

                                        O  1

                O  2







                O 3

                                      4  O 

                                      Finish line between 4 and Committee Boat

                     ODM O--------------------------------------------------Committee Boat


9.  Racing will be conducted in accordance with RRS using the 5 minute start sequence.  The class flag shall be the numeral 1 pennant.  No boat shall start later than 4 minutes after the start.  There will be a “Grand Prix” finish where the committee boat will give 2 sound signals and also fly Flag S for the leading boat or boats.  All boats will then finish and scoring will be done on an average lap time basis.


10. Certain areas of the Harbour are out of bounds to sailors and are marked with yellow buoys. The area that is most likely to affect the event is the one round Blackberry Point. Sailors are not to enter these areas when racing. Doing so in an emergency is permitted but will be taken as a retirement from that race.


11.  This is a friendly Inter Club event, which attracts novice as well as expert sailors: it is hoped that competitors will bear this in mind when racing.  A competitor intending to protest shall make every effort to inform the committee boat after he finishes the race in question.  On going ashore, he must complete a protest form at his home Club and hand or email it it to a Club Officer by the end of that day, who is to forward it to the Sailing Secretary of the organising Club.  Protests are to heard as soon as possible.


12.  Individual results will be scored using the low points system, with 1 discard if all 6 races are completed. Club results (and thus the results of the Series) will be based on the addition of their competitors’ scores for each race.  The number of boats making up a Club Team will be 8.  Race officials and their assistants may claim average points, providing that they take part in all the other races in the Series.  Average points will be the sum of all the other races divided by the number of races.

 M G Roach for Mudeford SC, February 2019

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