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Dinghy sailing and racing in Christchurch Harbour

A unique friendly club that brings together sociable and competitive sailing in a safe harbour location

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The simplest way to do this is to motor out to the buoy that is your ODM, establish the exact wind direction, then motor along your planned start line exactly across the wind and get into approximately the right position.  Come to complete stop with the boat facing into wind and stand facing exactly into the wind.  Then raise your arms to shoulder height and look along your left arm.  The buoy should be straight along it.  Motor slightly forward (say a couple of metres) then drop the anchor.  The boat will set back slightly, giving a neutral line, or a slight port bias to the line, which is a good thing.  Try not to get a starboard bias to the line, which makes it difficult for you and the sailors.  Raise the yellow flag to show that you are “on station”.


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