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Dinghy sailing and racing in Christchurch Harbour

A unique friendly club that brings together sociable and competitive sailing in a safe harbour location

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Racing will take place under the current International Racing Rules for Sailing (RRS), Mudeford Sailing Club Sailing Instruction (MSCSI) and these Sailing Instructions (SI).  Where there is disagreement, these SIs shall take precedence.


Each competitor shall be a member of a Sailing Club, except Junior sailors, who need only be family or friends of a member.  Before starting a race, all competitors shall have paid the required entry fee, signed on for the event and shall possess third party insurance to a minimum value of 2,000,000.

 The safety of the boat and her entire management including insurance shall be the responsibility of the owner or person in charge, who must ensure that the boat and crew are properly prepared to face the conditions that may arise in the course of the competition.  Neither this SI, nor an inspection of the boat under the SI, reduces the absolute responsibility of the owner or person in charge for the crew, the boat and her management.  The race organisers shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, personal injury or death, however caused, as a result of their taking part in the race or races.  Moreover, every owner or person in charge warrants the suitability of the boat for the races.

The Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to Mudeford Week.


Races will be on a handicap basis for monohull classes with a PN 1048 or greater.  Categories within the fleet will be fast handicap (PN less than 1200), slow handicap (PN 1200 or greater), but boats may enter either fleet at the discretion of the skipper and the approval of the race officer.  There will normally be separate starts for the fast fleet and the slow and crewed fleets. 

The slow fleet will normally complete one less lap than the fast fleet, and will be scored separately.

Sailors are to sail with the same boat and sail for a Series within Mudeford Week, but may change for the Fun races.


All boats must carry a properly displayed sail number unless sailed by a Junior or novice sailor, when other identification may be accepted by the race committee. 


Competitors shall wear personal buoyancy when racing, which shall take the form of at least a waistcoat type buoyancy aid. 


All racing will take place within Christchurch Harbour using inflatable buoys  or Club marks.  Races will be scheduled as laid out in the Mudeford Week programme, but the organising committee may make changes to the time, order, number and type of racing by publishing such changes on the official notice board at least one hour before the beginning of racing for that day, accompanied by the appropriate sound and visual signals.


  • The Anchor Trophy.  The first race of the Weekend.  Prizes are awarded to the first 6 sailors on corrected time and all fleets start together.  The winner receives the Anchor trophy.
  • The Weekend Series.  All races held on the Saturday and Sunday, with one discard if 3 or more races are sailed. 
  • The Week Series.  A series of races with a discard if 5 or more races are completed and two discards if more than 5 races are sailed. 
  • Other races:
  • The Rodway Trophy.  The winner receives the Rodway Trophy.
  • The 2-crew race.  A race for boats that must have at least one more crew than normal.  The skipper (or owner) must not helm for the entire race.
  • The Parents race.  A race where a parent and one or more offspring sails with them.  One (or more) of the offspring must helm for the entire race. 
  • The Ladies race.  A race for lady helmed or lady helmed and crewed boats only. 
  • Other fun races.  Races to a format decided by the race committee, to involve as many of the sailors (and if possible, non sailors) attending Mudeford Week.
  • The Latchmoor Trophy.  A pursuit race, held wherever possible as the last race on the Friday of Mudeford Week.  The race will last about an hour for the slowest boats.  The winner receiving the Latchmoor trophy.
  • Prizegiving will be held under arrangements made by the Social Committee.

Junior sailors are encouraged to sail with the main fleet, but depending on their ability will normally do one lap of the course and will start with the Slow Fleet.


The race officer shall set courses appropriate to the type of racing, the level of competitor and the weather on the day.  In order to maintain a strong interest in the racing and in individual performance, laps and races shall wherever possible be set to end by the Club jetty.


Racing will be conducted in accordance with RRS using the 5-minute start sequence.  The Slow Fleet will normally start immediately after the Fast Fleet and the Fast Fleet’s start signal will be the Slow Fleet’s warning signal.  In the event of a General Recall for the Fast Fleet, the Slow Fleet will wait until the fast Fleet has restarted.  No boat shall start later than 4 minutes after the start. 


This is a friendly Club event, which attracts novice as well as expert sailors: it is hoped that competitors will bear this in mind when racing.  Notwithstanding this aim, a competitor intending to protest shall make every effort to inform the committee after they finish the race in question.  On going ashore, they must complete a protest form provided by the Club and hand it to the race office within 60 minutes of the last competitor finishing that race (or the last race in a back to back series).  Protests will be heard as soon as possible and those concerned are to requested to remain at the Club until the protest has been heard, or a time advised.


There are the following changes to previously published SIs:

Para 2.  At the discretion of the Committee, sailors need not be members of a Sailing Club.

M G Roach

Sailing Secretary


  • 1. Replica sails may be used by one-design dinghy sailors without penalty.
  • 2. All boats will sail to Club PNs.

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