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Dinghy sailing and racing in Christchurch Harbour

A unique friendly club that brings together sociable and competitive sailing in a safe harbour location

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This is a unique Sailing Club, in a very special part of Christchurch Harbour. The friendship and  camaraderie is a very important part of our Club and we appreciate  people joining in whenever they can with sailing and social events. We  run the Club on a voluntary basis; you will find there are opportunities to help in a variety of ways such as assisting in running races, Safety Boat, preparing refreshments, and maintenance of the Club facilities.  We have an active Committee who will be pleased to hear your ideas and  suggestions about the Club. 

We have sailors with a wide range of experience and skills from the  beginner to the very best. Club racing and sailing in the harbour is a  vital part for us as a Club. One of the highlights of Sunday racing is a break between races when we enjoy refreshments on Vrouwe Johanna, our  unique Dutch barge clubhouse, for a social chat. There is a wealth of  knowledge and experience at hand should you wish to tap into it.

It is also good to see some of our better sailors reaching National and  International standards in competitive racing, going far and wide,  representing the Club. As a Club we are totally committed to sailing  for both fun and as a competitive sport; we also hold a variety of fun  and interesting social events to which you, as a new member, are  particularly welcome as these events are a good way to meet other  members of the Club. I and the committee look forward to seeing you.

If you already have your own boat, or would like to crew on a member’s boat you can try out racing a couple of times without joining. Or you can join the club on Weekly, Summer or Full memberships.

This website is full of photos and information about MSC, you can also keep up to date with MSC using Facebook logo on this page to view our club Facebook page (you don't have to be member of Facebook to do this)

The club is always open (subject to extreme weather) when there is racing, one hour before the 1st race on the calendar. There are several open races and events throughout  the year on this calendar that you don't need to be a member of Mudeford Sailing Club to take part in.

If you are interested in joining the club please don't hesitate to contact us by email,, or one of the committee.

Dinghy racing:

The focus of the club is on racing and there are races scheduled at various times at weekends, and some weekdays and evenings. Sailors also take  part in Race Officer and Safety duties, when they get average points in that series.  Members pay £1.10 (half price for juniors) per race  they take part in. We also run an annual 7-day  regatta, €˜Mudeford Week”, where up to 50 boats compete in both  competitive and fun racing, and social events.

Club dinghies:

The Club has an RS Tera, 2 Toppers, a Pico, a Laser (with 3 sail rigs: 4.7, Radial, and Full), and 3 Hartley 12.2 sailing dinghies, plus a number  of buoyancy aids, dry tops and helmets. The Hartleys can be sailed by 1, 2 or 3 persons, with mainsail alone, or with jib and asymmetric spinnaker. This selection of dinghies provides something for everyone, whether junior, beginner,  adult, or experienced, and can be used by club members for a modest  contribution towards the running costs of the boats.

Sail Training:

The club has training partners in Christchurch Harbour who offer discounts  for both formal RYA courses and informal training. Beginners also often  come and sail when we are racing as there is a safety boat and other  members to help. Mudeford Week regatta is also ideal for beginners to  take part in fun sailing events.


Safety is a priority and in consequence it is mandatory that everyone must  wear a buoyancy aid when afloat. Members must also read the Club Safety  Policy.


On a typical club racing day we have tea, coffee, sandwiches and cakes (usually home-made!).

Club Duties:

Existing members are allocated approximately three €duties a year which are fun and a really good way to get to know each other. When you submit your  membership application please provide us with 3 dates when you can  support club activities. These would be alongside a more experienced  members - and could be running races, manning the galley or learning the safety boat ropes. Please choose any 3 dates from the website race  calendar.

Dinghy parking:

We normally have dinghy park spaces available priced at £170.

MSC 10 years ago

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